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Mobile Systems For ELV Drainage factory
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Mobile system for ELV drainage MDP-01 is a roll-off container with a complete integrated SUMAC drainage system. The opened container cover functions like a roof and as rain protection. A static vehicle ramp with a 2000liters capacity is installed in the container as well as catchment areas and important working aids like a workbench, tool box, etc.
2.Technical data
Air pressure:8,5 bar – 1.350 l/min.
Air consumption:2900 l/car
Drainage:ca. 12-15 min/car
Fluid drainage: Petrol/Diesel: 15 l/min
Waste oil: 10 l/min
Coolant: 3 l /min
Washer fluid: 5 l/min
Brake fluid: 1 l/min
Size (closed):8,5 x 2,4 x 2,4 m
Size (open)8,5 x 2,4 x 4,8 mWeight:10.000 kg

The de-pollution system consists of pumps for brake fluid, petrol, diesel, waste oil, coolant and washer fluid. The pumps are located in a pump box with gauges and controls. The system is also equipped with a Tank Drilling Machine , one swing arm for the Tank Drilling-Machine and a swing arm for the waste oil funnel, hose reels (for coolant & washer fluid, air pressure) and additional supplies.
All required hoses and quick couplings are already preinstalled in the container. The MDP-01 Mobile system for ELV drainage is optionally equipped with tanks (for waste fuel, waste oil, coolant).
A Power-And-Air platform is also available for self sufficient operation of the system.

4.Production EquipmentMobile Systems For ELV Drainage factory

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